Login Help

Why did the Login Page change?

SenaWave recently switched from per-account logins to per-user logins.
This allows customers to tailor user permissions, telephonic authentication PINs, and billing email destinations themselves on a per-user basis.
If you are familiar with logging in before using just username and password, those will likely still work as before but you would need to now enter your account number as well.
If your username was a number, that is likely also your account number.

How do I create a login?
I forgot my account number or username.

All accounts have the initial login created automatically when the account was set up by SenaWave using the email address you provided.
To determine the account number and username, use the "Retrieve Account and Usernames" option above to email you a list of account numbers and usernames associated with your email address.
If your username is a number, it is likely your account number.
Once logged into your account, and if your login has "Full" permissions, you may create additional logins using the "Manage Users" option.

How do I create a password?
I forgot my password.

If you know your account number and username (see question above). You may create an initial password or reset a forgotten password by using option "Set or Reset Password".
This will send a password reset link to the email address on the account.
If you are already logged into your account, you may change your password by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon next to your user under "Manage Users".

The Password Reset link in the email didn't work, what can I do?

Some browsers, particularly mobile or those having strict security settings, may not allow links to work.
In this case, the email also provided an alternate "Reset Code" that you can enter using the "Enter an alternate password Reset Code" above

What if I no longer have access to the email address on the account?

You will need to contact Customer Service or, if urgent, Tech Support. They can change the email address on your login.

You didn't answer my question, how do I get more help?

For non-urgent asisstance, please call Customer Service M-F 9-5 at 801-217-9000 or email info@senawave.com.
For urgent after-hours assistance to access the Customer Portal, please call Tech Support 24x7 at 801-217-9000.